FARGO HDP5000 - 2013, Base Model, Dual-Sided Print, Dual-Side Lamination

Powerful professional printer of plastic cards with indirect printing technology over the edge cards - 3 year warranty

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FARGO C50 Single-Side color printer, consumables for 100 images

Cheap printing solution for basic color plastic cards with basic consumables for 100prints - 2 years warranty

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FARGO DTC1000M single-sided monochrome printer with Ethernet internal print server

Monochrome single-sided printer with Ethernet for personalization and printing of plastic cards - one year warranty

722.00 €
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FARGO DTC1000 Base Model single-side, USB

Single-sided card printer - 2 years warranty

917.00 €
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FARGO DTC4500e Dual-Side printer, lamination, with Dual-input Card Hopper

Professional modular printer with lamination. Direct printing to the edge of the card - 3 year warranty

4 955.59 €
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FARGO DTC4500e Dual-Side printer with Dual-Input Card Hopper

Professional modular Dual Side printer. Direct printing to the edge of the card - 3 year warranty

3 456.00 €
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Dual-Sided Printing Module HDP5000, upgrade

The duplexer is designed to connect to HDP5600, HDP5000 (2013), and HDP5000 (2008) printers.

897.30 €
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Dual-Sided Simultaneous Lamination Module (Dual-Side Printing Module Included)

Double-sided simultaneous card lamination, includes a double-sided tedder.

990.50 €
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Fargo 88902 Dual-Side Lamination Modul, L2

Additional module for printer FARGO HDP5000 allows double-sided lamination in one pass card card printer.

972.00 €
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