FARGO HDP5600 300dpi, Dual-Side Printing, Dual-Side Lamination

FARGO HDP5600 300dpi, Dual-Side Printing, Dual-Side Lamination

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HID Corporation Ltd.

The HID FARGO HDP5600 ID Card Printer and Encoder is a cost-effective and reliable solution that features a high resolution 600 dpi printing option for superior text and image quality. This all-in-one solution is ideal for government agencies, universities, corporations and healthcare facilities that need to routinely produce large volumes of high definition IDs or multi-function smart cards.

With the new HPD5600, you can print clear, crisp images, text and barcodes – even precise, complex characters such as Kanji, Arabic or Cyrillic are clearly defined and easy-to-read. And because the HDP5600 also features a versatile, modular design, you can field-upgrade the printer as your needs change.

High quality resin printing. Print clear, crisp images, text and barcodes.
Optional data encoding. Produce highly-secure contact and contactless, multi-function smart cards that address your specific needs and connect to other systems, such as visitor management, physical or logical access control, time and attendance, or cashless vending.
Versatile, modular design. The HDP5600 has several field-upgradeable features that can be added to the printer as your needs change. For example, an optional dual-sided, printing module can add company- or employee-specific information to the back of a card, such as when a bar code or digital signature is also desired. Or select the dual-card hopper option to simultaneously produce both employee and student or contractor IDs in a single pass.
Simple, intuitive design. Cards, ribbons and overlaminate cartridges load quickly and easily, making it easy to operate and maintain over time.
Only one card printer offers 5th generation re-transfer technology for every need – from sharp and vibrant photo ID cards to multi-functional, high security applications, the HDP5600 delivers on the promise of ultimate image quality and printer reliability, affordably.
Fargo 084510 Ribbon YMC: Full-color ribbon – 750 images

Full-color ribbon YMC for Fargo HDP5600, HDP5000 and HDPii Card Printer Series – 750 images

275.55 €
In stock: Yes
Code: 84510
Fargo 084500 HDP Film – Approximately 1 500 images

Professional Clear HDP Film for HID Fargo HDP5600, HDP5000 and HDPii Card Printer Series – Approximately 1 500 images

162.19 €
In stock: Yes
Code: 84500
Fargo 084518 Premium Black (K) – 3000 images

Professional Ribbon Premium Black (K) for Fargo HDP5600, HDP5000 a HDPii

In stock: Yes
Code: 84518
Fargo 082615 Thermal Transfer Overlaminate, Clear - 500 count

Clear Thermal Transfer Overlaminate for Fargo DTC4500e, DTC4500, HDP5000 and HDP8500 Card Printers - 500 count

62.78 €
In stock: Yes
Code: 82615
Fargo 082601 PolyGuard 1.0 mil Overlaminate, Clear, 250 count

Clear Overlaminate Fargo 082601 PolyGuard 1.0 mil for Fargo DTC4500e, DTC4500, HDP5000 and HDP8500 - 250 count

79.35 €
External storage
Code: 82601
Fargo 082618 Thermal Transfer Overlaminate, High Secure Orbit design - 500 count

Thermal Transfer Overlaminate, High Secure Orbitdesign, Universal orientation, 500 count (For use with Single-Side Lamination Module only)

148.24 €
In stock: Yes
Code: 82618
Fargo 089200 Cleaning Kit

Cleaning Kit – includes 4 Printhead Cleaning Swabs, 10 Cleaning Cards, 10 Cleaning Pads and 3 Alcohol Cleaning Cards for Fargo HDP5000 and HDPii Card Printer Series.

55.15 €
In stock: Yes
Code: 89200
Fargo 086004 Cleaning Rollers - 10 pack

Adhesive cleaning rollers for Fargo HDP5000, HDPii and DTC550 card printer series - 10 pack

41.42 €
In stock: Yes
Code: 86004
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  • FARGO printers for printing and encoding identification and bank cards, CardPresso software
  • Complete systems for issuing identification cards, including chip cards (Crescendo –multi-technology, MIFARE, Mifare-DESFire, EM Marine, Prox) - printing, coding, lamination within the printing process
  • HID and contactless card readers for secure logical access and physical entry technology of printing and duplication of CD, DVD and Blu-ray media technologies for printing and applying labels in small to medium volumes

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