RW-7EU Label winder for LX910e/LX2000e/LX1000e/LX500e
RW-7EU Label winder for LX910e/LX2000e/LX1000e/LX500e

RW-7EU Label winder for LX910e/LX2000e/LX1000e/LX500e

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Made in Germany, these label dispensers and rewinders are equipped with a 2 mm diameter steel case with a fixed linear drive and a robust mandrel. It can hold rolls weighing up to 30 kg, with a width of 288 mm, a core of 76 mm and a maximum outside diameter of 330 mm. With a maximum speed of up to 330 mm per second, they can be used with virtually any digital printer on the market.
It is no longer possible to convert labels to a roll - to increase the reel RW-7EU.
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  • HID and contactless card readers for secure logical access and physical entry technology of printing and duplication of CD, DVD and Blu-ray media technologies for printing and applying labels in small to medium volumes

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