AP380e Label Applicator 100-240 VAC, Euro Plug, CE

AP380e Label Applicator 100-240 VAC, Euro Plug, CE

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The AP380e Label Applicator is our most advanced label applicator for precision semi-automatic labeling of cylindrical containers and many conical containers including bottles, cans, jars and tubes. This model features a built-in waste roll winder, a push button for easy manual operation and increased speed for the most efficient label application.

Key features:

  •         Application of 2 labels at a time - front and back
  •         Integrated waste roll rewinder - eliminate the need to cut and discard used rolls
  •         30% faster than previous models - applies up to 1500 labels per hour
  •         Quick set-up and easy operation
  •         Push button or foot switch operation
  •         Accurately applies labels to the front and back with variable spacing
  •         5 position widths to ensure the ideal position for each container

Video of operation here.


The products you want to apply labels to must be cylindrical or tapered in shape with a diameter of 15 - 170 mm and a height of 25.4 - 238 mm. The Applicators can be used to apply labels 25.4 - 213mm wide on rolls with a core diameter of 51.8 - 76.2mm and a maximum roll diameter of 203mm.

Number of Labels Dispensed per Trigger 1 or 2 – front and back
Speed: 152 mm/s or up to 1500 containers per hour
Container Shape: Cylindrical and many tapered
Container Diameter: 15 mm - 170 mm (0.6" - 6.7")
Container Width: 25.4 mm - 238 mm (1" - 9.4")
Container Height: 15 - 170 mm (0.6 - 6.7")
Label Width: 19.1 mm - 209 mm (0.75" - 8.25")
Label Height: 19.1 - 609.6 mm (0.75 - 24")
Supply Roll: up to 203 mm (8") OD with a 50.8 mm to 76.2 mm (2" to 3") ID wound out, die-cut
Sensor Type: Mechanical Sensor
Indicator Lights: LED Display with Built-in Up/Down Counter and Saved Jobs
Controls: Footswitch, Push Button, Mode, Recall/Reset, Up, Down
Power Requirements: 100-240 V AC (50/60 Hz), 12 V DC, 5.0 A
Certifications: UL, UL-C, CE, FCC Class A, RoHS
Weight: 9.07 kg
Dimensions (WxHxD): 340 x 226 x 508 mm
Gap between Labels: Recommended: 3.175 mm - 6.35 mm (1/8″ - 1/4″)
Label Type: Die cut with or without waste removed.
Liner Thickness: 2 mil - 10 mil (smoothness will affect feeding - a liner that is too slippery or too thin will slip through the drive rollers)
Label + Adhesive Thickness: 5 mil - 15 mil***
Wind Direction: Wound out - See Copy-Position Chart below (Position 3 or 4 for most containers)
What’s in the Box: AP380e Label Applicator, Instructions, Universal Power Supply
Warranty: 36 months (after product registration, for devices purchased in EU/EFTA countries and UK)
Manufacturer: Primera Technology, Inc.
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