DTM LF140e + OKI Pro 1050 + RW7 Bundle

DTM LF140e + OKI Pro 1050 + RW7 Bundle

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DTM LF140e + OKI Pro1050 Bundle

This includes:  
DTM LF140e with a mounted 11.6’’ touch screen PC, LED light, built-in camera on a steel table with 2 solid wooden 15 mm multiplex panels  + OKI Pro1050 with Shuttle PC for OKI Pro Series and RW-7 Label Rewinder on a steel table with 2 solid wooden 15 mm multiplex panels

OKI Pro 1050 Colour Label Printer (CMYK + White)

On demand in-house printing with a new colour dimension.

The OKI Pro1050 LED label printer offers a new flexibility for medium to large run colour label printing. With the unique fifth colour option "white", the Pro1050 takes creativity to a new level: transparent or coloured label materials are no longer a problem!

Based on full-colour digital electrographic printing technology comprising five LED engines, the Pro1050 prints complete rolls of labels, which can be either rewound or automatically cut into single sheets. Together with DTM Genuine Label Materials, the labels become highly water and UV resistant as well as showing excellent quality.

detail-imgfive-colour label printer OKI Pro1050

DTM LF140e Label Finishing System


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  • FARGO printers for printing and encoding identification and bank cards, CardPresso software
  • Complete systems for issuing identification cards, including chip cards (Crescendo –multi-technology, MIFARE, Mifare-DESFire, EM Marine, Prox) - printing, coding, lamination within the printing process
  • HID and contactless card readers for secure logical access and physical entry technology of printing and duplication of CD, DVD and Blu-ray media technologies for printing and applying labels in small to medium volumes

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