FARGO DTC1250 Single-Side full-color printer

Plastic card printers with technology for direct printing to the edge of the card - 3 year warranty

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FARGO HDP6600 600dpi, Single-Side Printing

The most powerful and fastest printer of its kind in the market. Retransfer printer of HDP series, plastic cards up to the edge of the card - warranty 3 years

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DTM LF140e + OKI Pro 1050 + RW7 Bundle

Special set DTM LF140e + OKI Pro 1050 + RW7 rewinder

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DTM LF140e Label Finishing System

Digital on-demand short to medium run label converting machine.

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FARGO HDP8500, Base Model, Dual-Sided Printing, 32MB Memory

The HID FARGO HDP8500 industrial ID card printer is the high throughput ID personalization and issuance.

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HID ELEMENT 3W laser engraver

The highly versatile HID ELEMENT laser engraving system provides two laser source options to meet your specific credential program requirements.

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HID Element Printer

Simplified, inline personalization of secure credentials in a single step.

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LX610e Pro Colour Label Printer

Print and cut custom labels of any shape or size – all in one process.

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OKI Pro 1040 Colour Label Printer (CMYK)

On demand in-house printing with a new colour dimension

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