Winder, rewinder, unwinder

RW-7EU Label winder for LX910e/LX2000e/LX1000e/LX500e

It is no longer possible to convert labels to a roll - to increase the reel RW-7EU.

359.00 €
External storage
Code: RW-7EU
449.00 €
External storage
Code: RW-7PLUS
RW-4 Label Rewinder

Industrial grade, heavy duty rewinders from DTM

279.00 €
External storage
Code: RW-4EU
RW-8 Label Rewinder up to 8.66'' wide and 10'' OD, for 3" cores

The RW-8 Label Rewinder from DTM Print is your perfect accessory for heavy duty jobs and complements the DTM Winder Series in the upper range for up to 220 mm (8.66") wide rolls.

549.00 €
External storage
Code: RW-8EU
UW-7 Label Unwinder

Label Unwinders make it easy to unwind and rewind large quantities of labels.

359.00 €
External storage
Code: UW-7EU