DTM FX510e Foil Imprinting System
DTM FX510e Foil Imprinting SystemDTM FX510e Foil Imprinting SystemDTM FX510e Foil Imprinting System

DTM FX510e Foil Imprinting System

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DTM FX510e Foil Imprinting System

To add a touch of elegance and luxury, enhancing the value of your products.

Now you can add brilliant, shiny highlights to your pre-printed or blank labels. It’s fast and easy with DTM’s new FX510e Foil Imprinting System, also available as FX510ec model featuring a built-on guillotine cutter which allows you to cut die-cut, reflective and continuous label stock.

FX510e can be either used as an optional accessory to any inkjet or laser label printer, such as Primera’s LX-Series Color Label Printers, or solely for foil printing only. The process is 100% digital, so you can print virtually any design on your pre-printed or blank label stock: borders, graphics, fonts, backgrounds and more.

Not only metallic foils in gold, silver, blue and red are available for the FX510e, but also various spot colours and clear foil. Clear foil lets you produce labels with partial glossy add-ons, perfect for logo design or other graphical areas on your label.

Produce labels with shiny metallic decoration!

It’s a fact: shiny highlights on your labels gets them noticed. That’s why hot-stamping has been popular for so many years.

However, hot-stamping has a number of challenges. Set-up costs are expensive. Making a die takes time. You can’t change the image without incurring more expenses. And there’s almost always a minimum run of thousands of labels.

DTM’s new FX510e Foil Laminating System changes all of that. Now, you can easily add brilliant, shiny borders, graphics, fonts, backgrounds and more to your pre-printed or blank product labels. You can print as few or as many at a time as you actually need.

Shiny decoration and high gloss clear on labels makes your products stand out at retail, helping you sell more. It also adds a touch of elegance and luxury, enhancing the value of your products.

Get Up and Running Quickly

From initial set-up to full operation, the FX510e is easy to use. Plus, everything you need to start printing labels is included in the box.

Each FX510e/FX510ec ships with:

  • NiceLabel® Free 2019 DTM Edition label design software
  • Four colour ribbon starter rolls (gold, silver, red and blue metallic, each 101 mm x 30 m)
  • Passive Label Unwinder for larger roll diameters supporting up to 3” cores
  • Two years warranty after product registration (read more at register.dtm-print.eu)


Technical Specifications

Print Method:                  Thermal transfer & direct thermal

Print Resolution:             300 dpi (12 dots/mm)

Max. Print Speed:             101.6 mm (4”) per second

Max. Print Width:             105.7 mm (4.16”)

Max. Print Length:            792 mm (30”)

Media Width:                  25.4 - 118 mm (1”- 4.64“)

Media Thickness:            0.06 - 0.25 mm (0.003” - 0.01”)

Media Types:                  Roll-fed continuous, die-cut or blackmark
                                   labels or tags; roll-fed tags with
                                   punched hole

Media Sensing:               Movable reflective sensor and two fixed
                                   and central aligned transmissive sensors

Supply Media Roll:           Internal: 127 mm (5”) OD

                                   External: 254 mm (10”) OD

Ribbon Width:                30 - 110 mm (1.18” - 4.33”)

Max. Ribbon Length:        300 m (981’)

Supply Ribbon Roll:         25.4 mm (1”) ID core
                                   with max. 68 mm (2.67”) OD

Ribbon Types:                Wax, wax/resin, resin
                                   Recommended Ribbons:
                                   DTM Print certified thermal transfer
                                   ribbons in metallic colours (gold, silver,
                                   blue, red), spot colours and clear foil

Included:                       Passive Label Unwinder for 25/76 mm (1”/3”)
                                   cores with max. 254 mm (10”) OD and
                                   media max. 114 mm (4.5”) wide

Data Interface:                 USB 2.0

Electrical:                       AC input: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
                                   DC output: 24 VDC, 2.4A

Software (included):         NiceLabel Free 2019 DTM Edition

Operating Systems:          Windows 7/10

Printer Language:            EZPL, GEPL, GZPL

Indicator Lights:              One bi-colour status-LED

Controls:                       Feed Button

Certifications:                 CE, FCC Class A, RoHS

Weight:                         2.5 kg (5.51 lbs)

Dimensions:                   226 mmW x 171 mmH x 285 mmD
                                   (8.9”W x 7.32”H x 11.2”D)

Note:                            Colour label printers are not included in
                                   the price of the FX510e Foil Imprinting

Options:                       FX510e
                                   FX510ec (with cutter module)
                                   RW-7 External Label Rewinder

Manufacturer:               DTM Print GmbH

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