FARGO DTC1000 Base Model single-side, USB

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This is a older model printer. After the prophylactic inspection, the printer is clean and fully functional.
PN: B0510352

Printer DTC1000 plastic card with encoder cards with contactless chip type iCLASS / MIFARE / DESFire and a contact chip smart card prints to the edge of the card. It is suitable for small and medium businesses to print employee cards, discount, club or conference cards. The printer is compact, easy to use and user friendly. Easy replacement of printing tapes through a simple cartridge in which is integrated print ribbon and cleaning roller.

The printer warranty one year!

Card printing technology
• dye sublimation
• monochromatic resin thermal transfer ribbons (black, green, blue, red, white, silver, and gold)
• transliteration technology without the use of tapes

Rewritable printing on plastic cards
Ability to print on rewritable cards saves both nature and your costs and is environmentally friendly. The "Delete and re-write" is DTC1000 printer is ideal for issuing identification cards with limited time validity, such as certificates of visitors.

Fargo 045000 EZ YMCKO Cartridge w/Cleaning Roller - 250im.

Full-color ribbon with resin black,clear overlay (EZ YMCKO) Cartridge with Cleaning Roller for Fargo DTC1250e and DTC1000 - 250 images

85.15 €
In stock: Yes
Code: 45000
Fargo 086177 Cleaning Kit

Cleaning kit designed for card printers Fargo C50, DTC1000Me, DTC1250e, DTC4250e, DTC1000, DTC4000, DTC 4500

63.66 €
In stock: Yes
Code: 86177
UltraCard 30 mil cards, box (500 cards)
0.16 €
In stock: Yes
Code: 81754
Fargo 045102 EZ Standard Black (K) Cartridge w/Cleaning Roller - 1000 images

EZ Standard Black (K) Cartridge with Cleaning Roller for Fargo C50, DTC1000Me, DTC1250e, DTC4250e, DTC1000, DTC4000 Card Printer Series

29.65 €
In stock: Yes
Code: 45102
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Sovte is the leader in printing technology:
  • FARGO printers for printing and encoding identification and bank cards, CardPresso software
  • Complete systems for issuing identification cards, including chip cards (Crescendo –multi-technology, MIFARE, Mifare-DESFire, EM Marine, Prox) - printing, coding, lamination within the printing process
  • HID and contactless card readers for secure logical access and physical entry technology of printing and duplication of CD, DVD and Blu-ray media technologies for printing and applying labels in small to medium volumes

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