DTC4000, Base Model, USB Printer, Dual-Side
1 175.00 €
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Code: 48100
FARGO HDP5600 600dpi, Single-Side Printing

Lastest plastic card printer for 600dpi technology to print directly over the edge of the card - 3 year warranty

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Code: 93600
FARGO DTC4250e Single-Side full-color printer

Professional card printer expandable modular design with a higher level of security - 3 year warranty

3 292.80 €
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Code: 52000
FARGO DTC1000 with iCLASS/MF/DESF&Contact Smart Card Enc.5121

Single-sided card printer with a encoder iCLASS / MIFARE / DESFire smart card encoder OK 5121-1 years warranty

1 384.00 €
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Code: 47002
FARGO DTC1000M single-sided monochrome printer with Ethernet internal print server

Monochrome single-sided printer with Ethernet for personalization and printing of plastic cards - one year warranty

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External storage
Code: 47220
FARGO DTC1000 Base Model single-side, USB

Single-sided card printer - 2 years warranty

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Code: 47000
Dual-Sided Simultaneous Lamination Module (Dual-Side Printing Module Included)

Double-sided simultaneous card lamination, includes a double-sided tedder.

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Code: 47724
Fargo HDPii (2008) one side card printer

The first generation HID FARGO HDPii ID card Printer and Encoder prints and encodes the newest generation of financial services debit cards with no embossed text and, increasingly,

990.00 €
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Code: 89157
FARGO HDP5000 (2008) Dual-Sided Card Printer

Printer plastic cards FARGO HDP5000 - Dual-Sided, allows you to print both sides of a card in one process.

3 037.00 €
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Code: 89003