Fargo 045616 Resin Black, K - 3000 images
38.15 €
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Code: 45616
Fargo 084900 HDP Film – Approximately 1 500 images

Re-Transfer film HDP for the production of plastic card printer Fargo HDP6600.

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Code: 84900
Fargo 084911, CMYK Full-color ribbon with resin black panel – 750 images

CMYK color print ribbon for plastic card printers Fargo HDP6600.

In stock: Yes
Code: 84911
Fargo 084912 YMCKK: Full-color ribbon with two resin black panels – 600 images

Professional full-color ribbon with two resin black panels for Fargo HDP6600 Card Printer Series - 600 images

In stock: Yes
Code: 84912

Action -45%

FARGO DTC1000 Bazaar One Sided Card Printer

Plastic card printer with direct card edge printing technology - 1 year warranty

1 003.40 €
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Code: 47000B

Action -65%

FARGO HDP5000 (2008), Single-Side Printing

Plastic card printer technology to print directly over the edge of the card - 1 year warranty

1 245.00 €
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Code: 89000B
OMNIKEY 5422 reader combines smart card reader

OMNIKEYฎ 5422 contactless and contact chip reader. This reader can handle contact cards and contact cards of 13.56MHz

68.73 €
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Code: OK5422