Dual-Sided Printing Module HDP5000, upgrade

The duplexer is designed to connect to HDP5600, HDP5000 (2013), and HDP5000 (2008) printers.

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HDP8500LE Fargo Laser Engraver, Base Unit, with Camera

A new module that integrates with the printer / encoder and lamination module introduces new security features of laser engraving into ID cards.

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FARGO HDP5000 (2008), Single-Side Printing

Plastic card printer technology to print directly over the edge of the card - 2 year warranty

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FARGO HDP5000 (2008) Dual-Sided Card Printer

Printer plastic cards FARGO HDP5000 - Dual-Sided, allows you to print both sides of a card in one process.

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LX500e color label printer CMY

LX500e Color Label Printer

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AP362e Label Applicator 100-240 VAC, Euro Plug, CE
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AP550e Label Applicator 100-240 VAC, Euro Plug, CE
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DX850e Label Dispenser 100-240 VAC, Euro Plug, CE
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Disc Publisher SE-3 AutoPrinter

Compact, reliable and affordable the Disc Publisher SE-3 duplicator and Disc Publisher SE AutoPrinter meet limited home and small business needs by recording and printing CDs, Blu-

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